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In fact Jesus is the Good News for all the world.  Jesus brought this  great story of God's love for all people and then made it possible for each person to actually know God's love.  Until we experience God's love, we cannot love him.  The most one can do is to respect him.  It is impossible to love someone who is never seen.  God must make himself "seen" or known to us so we can reciprocate his love.

Until we meet God,  talk of his love is only dry speculation.  Speculation generates ideas that acts or particular behaviors (works) must be done to attract his attention and gain his approval.  From times beginning, humans have been inventing rituals, liturgies, doctrines,  and superstitions which they hope will bridge the space between them and God.  John of Patmos' Book of Revelation is a well known example of such inventions and cause of wild speculations. 

None of these works - these human inventions, these acts - bridge that gap or satisfy our yearning for God's presence and assurances.  All those acts accomplish is the vague hope that by these works we are pleasing God.

The Good News - the Gospel - is that Jesus did what is necessary to bridge the gap for us.  There are no works, liturgies, rituals, or earthly sacrifices left to be done in order to gain God's attention.  We have his attention.  God is left with the difficult problem of gaining our attention!

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All people are born "lost."  That is, we are born ignorant of God and have no way of knowing that until someone tells us.  We have no reason to ask God to come to us and "bridge the gap" between us.

So we live life "alone," depending on our own resources and limited abilities.  Some are happy in this state, others are lonesome and feel fragile.   Those covet contact with a benevolent and caring God.  More of the Good News is God has those wonderful attributes and is anxious to prove it.

When we discover God will give us his hand and walk through life as our companion, and all we need do is ask him to take us in hand to make sense of our existence, that is indeed Good News .  It is a great relief to know we can experience God's reality in this life, and bask in his love!

So, when we love God, it is because he first loved us and planted that love in our heart. (1 John 4:19,20). 

For those who are lost, and want to stay lost from God's presence, nothing is required.  It is simple to remain as we are born - lost from God's presence.

For those who want to be in God's presence, and experience his companionship and his love, GOD 101 gives simple directions.

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